About The GG List

My name is Ginger. My mom always says that I eat a lot (every 3 hours) and she’s right, as mothers always are. I’ve grown up with many nicknames (Ginger Bread, Ginger Snaps) but thankfully my close friends and family call me GG!

I’m not a food critic but I’m also no stranger to the food business. I’ve been a restaurant and banquet manager and event planner for wine country bachelorette parties to milestone birthday parties with food trucks and restaurant crawls. I love to eat, exploring new restaurants and I balance the calorie eating by running wherever the roads and trails take me.

Throughout the years I’ve been asked for countless restaurant recommendations not just locally but also throughout the U.S. and abroad. Friends want to know where I’m eating next, scoping out their next exciting venue for various occasions and I love to steer them in the right direction.

And so The List was born…

Stay tuned as I add a rating system of ‘snaps’ to each restaurant/bar within my blog. You know, because I just can’t get away from the nicknames!