When I travel the world people always tell me “you don’t sound like you’re from Texas” and always wonder where my boots and horse are. I usually explain that I grew up in cosmopolitan Austin where we didn’t have a dominant “Southern accent”. Then I proceed to boast about how wonderful and diverse the Texas landscape is. I mean, how many non-Texans can say that their state has deserts, coastline, prairie, grasslands and hill country??

Our cities are just as diverse (Austin’s motto: Keep Austin Weird) and we love to tease each other about it. But when tragedy strikes, like the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Harvey, we put all differences aside and live up to our state motto of “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

Since this is a food blog I am focusing on ways for you to help support victims of Hurricane Harvey by dining out but there are so many other ways to help and D Magazine’s Alex Macon covered it well here.

For others who need an excuse to eat out this week, get to it!

September 6, Wednesday

Headington Companies Restaurants for the Houston Food Bank

Dine at any of the following restaurants and a whopping 100% of all sales will be donated to the Houston Food Bank. Incredibly generous!!


DTX4HTX (Central Track) for Trusted World

Eat and drink at participating restaurants on Wednesday and 20% or more of proceeds go to a pool of funds that will be donated in one lump sum to North Texas non-profit Trusted World. Trusted World is an organization that works alongside other shelters and organizations to coordinate disaster relief and distribute donations. We have the group DTX4HTX (Dallas, Texas for Houston, Texas) to thank for this one-day citywide event.

Central Track - DTX4HTX - Dallas Helps Houston - Hurricane Harvey Victims - Texans Help Texan - Trusted World

Logo courtesy of Central Track

A few of my favorites:

*For a complete list see here.


September 8th, Friday (downtown)

Burgers For A Cause for United Way’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

From 11a-2p on Friday in Thanks-Giving Square (1627 Pacific Ave) downtown Dallas, bring an onsite donation and receive a free and sure-to-be tasty burger from the following Dallas restaurants/chefs/restaurateurs:

Burgers For A Cause - Cafe Momentum - Dallas for Houston - Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser

What’s more perfect?

Café Momentum *According to their Instagram account it appears they were the brains behind this event. Makes sense since Café Momentum is in the business of changing lives but in this case it’s for “young men and women coming out of juvenile facilities”. The program at Café Momentum provides them with yearlong paid restaurant internships, teaching them life and social skills. Warms my heart to hear about Chad Houser’s (CEO and founder) team wanting to give back to others!

If unable to make it downtown for Burgers For A Cause, you can still donate online.